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Camping Residence Capo Passero is located directly on the beach and overlooks a long beach over 2 km, with fine sand. The turquoise sea and the sky merge into a single dimension. Even before you get out of our South Gate Campsite you will find yourself walking on sand: this helps to make the absolutely safe place for children (which thus does not have to cross roads out) and convenient for adults who do not use their cars to reach the sea. In fact, it only takes a few steps.




Camping Residence Capo Passero is situated at 800 meters from the town of Portopalo of Capo Passero, within easy walking distance (10 minutes) by connecting a large well lit sidewalk in the evening to allow for pleasant walks. The Camping extends on a flat area of 33000 square meters. The majestic presence of tall trees, such as pines and eucalyptus, guarantee a pleasant shade. Camping Residence Capo Passero has Bungalow / Residence, defined pitches and numbered clay for campers, Ruolotte places, curtain sites, all with electrical outlets under rules of CEE. The lack of architectural barriers makes the Camping Residence Capo Passero particularly suitable for the disabled.


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Camping Residence Capo Passero, c.da Vigne Vecchie, Portopalo di C.P. (SR) - tel/fax 0931842333 - mail:
GPS: - - - - 36° 40' 41', 28 N - - - - 15° 07' 15', 33 E