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SicilyPortopalo of Capo Passero (3500 inhabitants around) it is a small center of oriental south Sicily in the province in Syracuse. Its economy is based on the fishing, on the agriculture and on the tourism. Portopalo boasts a fishing fleet that for number of crafts and for occupation of personnel, it is among the most important of Sicily. Nevertheless it is the agricultural sector, whose productes they are exported in Italy and to the foreign countries.
old tunny-fishingThe tourist sector is relatively more youth as activity in comparison to the fishing and to the agriculture, but without doubt in clean ascent. It is really the Camping Residence Capo Passero chronologically represents the tourist first great reality of the imprenditoria to Portopalo. The country was founded in 1875, but the traces of human installations go up again to many centuries before, as they testify the rests of a tonnara Greek-Roman discoveries in the zone.
harbour fishingOur facility boasts a convenient location to visit: Island of the Tides (3 km), Island of Capo Passero (1.5 km), Beach Punta ants (6.5 miles), Tafuri Castle (2 km), Tuna (2 km), Marzamemi (5 km), San Lorenzo Beach (10 km), Vendicari (15 km), Cala Flies (17 km), Noto (20 km), Avola (25 km), Cave of Ispica (20km), Pozzallo (20 km), Modica Bassa (30 km), Scicli (35 km), Ragusa (40 km), Syracuse (50 km), Ortigia (55 km), Catania (100 km). The car is recommended.
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