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Internal Regulations


We welcome you to our Camping and wish you a pleasant holiday!

These regulations have been drafted exclusively in the mutual interest of the campsite guests, and it is obligatory to comply with them and ensure they are respected. The Management will address any complaints and may expel those who do not conform to these regulations from the campsite. By simply entering the Camping area, all guests acknowledge and agree to these regulations in their entirety, without exception.

  1. Upon arrival, guests must provide their identity documents, which will be returned at the end of their stay. The information provided will be used for registration with the Siracusa Police Department – Accommodation Services in compliance with the privacy policy Art. no. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 193/2003.

  2. Guests are required to wear the identification bracelet provided at the entrance at all times and must not remove it.

  3. The Electrical Column provides 220V (single use 6 Amp); for using hairdryers, please use the electrical outlets in the toilet facilities. In case of a power outage, check your own system and ensure that the maximum current supplied has not been exceeded.

  4. The Management is not obligated, except in cases of proven urgency, to search for desired persons, under Art. no. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 193/2003.

  5. To ensure guests’ rest, the campsite entrance barrier will be closed from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM (or at the discretion of Management if musical evenings are scheduled). Therefore, entering or leaving by car during these hours is prohibited, except for medical emergencies.

  6. Please use radios, televisions, or any other audio devices with moderate volume levels to avoid disturbing other guests. Use of such devices is prohibited from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

  7. Lighting open fires for any reason is strictly prohibited. Barbecues are allowed in designated areas.

  8. Damaging plants and Camping equipment is strictly prohibited. Digging trenches or channels around tents is prohibited except in cases of absolute necessity, such as flooding, in which case it is mandatory to restore the ground to its initial condition at the end of the stay. Any damages will be charged at the discretion of Management.

  9. The cleanliness of the Camping area also depends on the good manners of the guests. Specific waste collection containers are located in the designated Camping area (recycling). Accumulating waste in other places is prohibited.

  10. Washing cars or trailers in the campsite is prohibited; leaving taps open in any service is prohibited.

  11. The Management is not responsible for any interruptions in water supply (temporary suspension only in case of repairs) and/or electricity supply (E-Distribution).

  12. It is mandatory to tidy up facilities after use and leave them in conditions suitable for use by others. Staff will report any non-compliance to Management.

  13. Connecting electrical appliances (washing machines, irons, hair straighteners, stoves, etc.) to toilet facility outlets is prohibited.

  14. Management reserves the right to position or relocate cars, trailers, tents, etc., as deemed appropriate, always with the intention of providing good accommodation for everyone.

  15. Dogs are allowed on a leash and muzzled. Owners must present the annual vaccination booklet upon request, with the latest vaccination administered in the current year.

  16. Guests are responsible for their belongings. Management is not liable for any missing items or valuables. Free storage with custody is available at the Management office.

  17. On the day of departure, guests must vacate the campsite by 3:00 PM; otherwise, an additional night will be charged as per the Price List. Bungalows/Residences must be vacated by 10:00 AM on the day of departure.

  18. Tent/caravan/campervan pitches do not require reservations. Online check-in on the website guarantees a spot. Bungalow/Residence reservations require bank transfer. In case of cancellation, notice must be sent via email, and the refund percentages, excluding bank fees, are as follows: . . . a) 100% = more than 30 days before arrival; . . . b) 50% = 20 to 30 days before arrival; . . . c) 20% = 15 to 20 days before arrival; . . . d) from the 14th day before arrival, no refund is provided.

  19. The balance for overnight stays is due upon arrival. Any extensions must be communicated to and settled with Management.

  20. No entries are allowed for daily guests. Services are exclusively for overnight guests.

  21. QUADS are not allowed within the campsite. Furthermore, cars/motorcycles/bicycles may only be used to enter and exit the campsite and not for short trips within the campsite itself.

  22. For the benefit of the community, Management reserves the right to intervene in all cases not covered by these regulations. Staff are required to report any violations.

  23. Camping Residence Capo Passero is private property; therefore, it is prohibited to pass through to reach the beach. There are alternative routes for beach access. Entry is not permitted for non-overnight guests visiting relatives/friends/acquaintances.

  24. Playing ball games in the Camping areas is prohibited.

  25. Overnight stays for minors are not accepted.

  26. Further regulations are detailed in the “Camping/Bungalow Regulations.”

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