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The Management reserves the right to expel, without prior notice, anyone who does not comply with the regulations or behaves in a manner that causes damage or disturbance.

The FEE IS APPLIED IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTRY to the Structure. The arrival of a number of people/children exceeding the maximum allowed will result in the cancellation of the reservation and the loss of the deposit paid.

The number of people/children and their personal details, who will occupy the reserved structure, must be communicated in advance via Email. The reservation of the structure is guaranteed only for the people/children communicated via Email. Additional people/children not communicated during the reservation, who wish to stay in the same structure (considering the maximum allowed number), will pay an EXTRA supplement.

The camping area is under VIDEO SURVEILLANCE for security reasons – ART. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree No. 196/2003). If there are unregistered individuals or those without the appropriate IDENTIFICATION BRACELET inside, a fine of €50.00 will be imposed, and they will be asked to leave.

No entries are allowed for daily guests.

The fee is applied immediately upon entry.

Rooms are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure.

Guests inside are requested to return the bungalow/residence in the condition it was received.

The staff, appointed by the management, will inspect the bungalow/residence upon key delivery.

  • Using the sinks in bungalows/residences to clean fish is prohibited.
  • Frying inside bungalows/residences is prohibited.

The Management reserves the right to reject subsequent bookings if bungalows/residences are not returned in a decently clean condition, and an EXTRA supplement of €30.00 will be applied.

€30.00 supplement also applies in the following cases:

  • Dirty fridge/freezer
  • Cookware left dirty inside the kitchen
  • Presence of sand or other substances inside the bathroom or other areas of the Bungalow/Residence

Cars/Motorcycles, to access the campsite, must have a PASS which will be applied upon arrival by the staff on the right side of the windshield. The car PASS must be returned by the guest to the Management, even in worn conditions, at the time of payment upon departure. Cars/Motorcycles are allowed to circulate inside the campsite ONLY to enter and/or exit the structure. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to drive vehicles inside the campsite without reason.

Parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for the actions of their minor children and are required to supervise them, ensuring they maintain polite and respectful behavior towards others, under their direct responsibility, using the equipment provided by the facility to its guests. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, as the roads allow vehicle access, which can be dangerous for unaccompanied children. If this guideline is not followed, staff are authorized to reprimand those who do not comply with the rule.


Playground – Soccer Field – Bocce Court – Beach Volleyball Court

  • Playing with balls or cycling and other activities in the Bungalow/Residence/Campground/Pitches/Bar/Pizzeria/
  • Seafront Square/Pool Area/Toilets
  • Bicycle racing is prohibited
  • Bicycles are not allowed in the Campground Bathrooms and Pool Area
  • Any activity that may disturb other guests is prohibited
  • Playing or gathering in the campground bathrooms is prohibited

AFTERNOON REST HOURS h 14.00-15.30 – Check-In/Check-Out possible. Guests already present are requested to kindly respect the mentioned time. h 23.00-08.30: Car use is allowed only for nighttime emergencies.

Guests must wear the identification bracelet, which allows recognition of authorized guests. (mandatory from age 3). Staff are authorized to stop and check those without it. In case of bracelet breakage, it must be returned by the guest to the Management for replacement. For subsequent replacements for the same guest, a payment of €5 will be required. ATTENTION: In case of bracelet loss, an additional entry fee from the Price List will be applied with registration verification. IMPORTANT: Upon checkout from the Campground, each Guest must return the bracelet at the time of payment.

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Camping residence Capo Passero, with direct access to the free beach!

Camping Residence Capo Passero

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